January blues and jazz and other nonsense

Pretty sure January’s only job is to be as miserable as ever and this year it definitely got the employee of the year award. Besides the everyday dose of greyness and darkness lurking around every corner there was just something in the air, a slight fog of melacholy, wrapping around small sweatery humans and leaving a slight bitter taste after leaving.

Fields of sadness

Everything slows down, everything gets blurry and it’s a feeling like you’re walking underwater… but with air – so an aquarium with a pretty weird concept (I would not dare to say aerorium). You rarely meet another human, everybody is trying to find the right formula, the right constellation of notes to rewrite the January blues – by adding a pile of books, a bucket of grandma’s tea or binge watching all Netflix series to the equation and hoping for the best. In my case I am as bad of a musician as I am a mathematician so the winter odds are really not in my favor. Ever.

Elsa would be happy here
Winter art

Lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling does get boring after some point, and thanks to a chain of books that disappointed me greatly one after another I grabbed my camera and tried to bring some color into my life and take some of the bottled up feeling for a walk in the fields. The fields did not disappoint (as they didn’t pick a terrible terrible ghost writer, or fielder or whatever).

Sniffed out the winter
When nothing goes left, go right

There is some sort of magic in the early morning frozen silence. And somewhere in the fog there’s a glimmer of spring, a promise that things will be more clear and shinier anytime now. The darkness shall not prevail, but until then we should embrace the darkness and dance around, following the whirl of snowflakes leading to nowhere and everywhere.

Somewhere, nowhere, anywhere

All photos taken with Canon EOS 300 and AGFA Vista plus 200 film in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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