A place where everything is a big blue hug.

I could never decide on my favorite colour so I’m always trying to avoid this question as it starts a hurricane of thoughts on this particular topic, where I end up defending all the colours and looking for reasons why they could be my favorite one, the one and only. And of course I end up sounding like a crazy person so, yeah, no. Let’s say I was head over heels for colour blue for a while and for a good reason. I mean, honestly, this place! ❤ The fact that it was all around me also did the trick. Blue in all Pantone varieties, that’s the stuff! Even though this was a pretty touristy place I took few shots of this and that around Limassol.

Because of course you need a pool next to the sea.
Colourful streets.
Limassol’s promenade
A pretty random street.
Look, it’ not their backs! The fact that I had to go super undercover around the bushes should not be mentioned, ha.
I love how this means a different thing to every person.
How to make the streets look more Greek? There you go.

On one hand there’s the part for tourists, where everything has a russian translation next to it and it basically seems like the Russians actually run this place as we barely heard anything but russian language on the streets. So yeah, bright shiny places for dear tourists, but as they put so much money and energy into polishing that part the other part, the real Limassol seems to be falling apart. The rawness of it all has a special beauty of itself and is so much purer than the shiny part. Well, at least this is how it feels to me.

Back to the shiny part.
I was shot, I was framed.
Walking is overrated.
I named the guy Pierre so I can name this photo: Pierre on the pier.
A really cool place to hang out and look at the sea. And yell BOATS, BOATS, BOATS!
We shall call it an “instagrammable place”, right J ?

So we sat by the sea, ate mini croissants (well, it was actually just me), drank coffee and stared at the horizon in silence. Should probably add “contemplate about life” at this point, but eh. Seems like a time well spent.

I swear I was never fangirling about trees, but look at me now – I must be going mad.
A mini skatepark where we watched youths do them tricks, yo.
Oh, another palm tree? Who would’ve thought…
The edge of Limassol.
Pretty sure these two ships are going on a date, ha.
Fishers and their private island.


Rare photo of my actual self.

In the literature the sea has always played a huge and important part so there’s no other way to conclude this post, not even with an ice cream this time, sorry.

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea.”
– E.E. Cummings

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!

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