Streets of Nicosia, show me whatcha got!

Nicosia, the largest city and the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century, you go Nicosia! Which is pretty badass, what’s not badass though is the fact that the city was separated into Northern/Turkish and Southern/Greek part in 1974. There’s an actual border in the middle of the city, dividing what used to be, but more about that later on. This time I’m just gonna focus on exploring the Southern part and I’m still not gonna have enough time. I don’t know who said that Cyprus is so small that you’ll see everything in few days, but they def didn’t look up all the A M A Z I N G places worth of at least peeking.

After coffee we took our asses to the, let’s call it, main Ledra street with all the shops and restaurants (and where we had souvlaki the night before, YUM!). First impression? Warm. The weather, the buildings, the people. Triangles above serve as a decoration, but also for some sun protection, but mostly it just looks really cool.

Busy Ledra street.

As every tourist is gonna one way or another find the way to this street there’s TONS of shops that sell everything and anything, ha.

Tourists didn’t reach this destination just yet.
Pretty little trees in pretty little streets.

So we continued to the Faneromeni school. Founded by Archbishop Makarios I in 1857 if there are some history geeks out there reading this. It was the first all-girls school in Cyprus, but boys joined in later on And started skating every possible surface in the schools property, ha.

Gotta love blue doors and windows.
Aaaand this is a thing across from it – marble mausoleum and a flag of Greece. There’s bunch of them everywhere.

You might have guessed that Cyprus is quite a religious country, so churches/mosques on every corner are not a total surprise at all. Especially because just three meters away is a huge Feneromeni church. I always liked byzantin architecture and I gotta say, seeing these magnificent building makes my soul happy, especially because they are not just on the pages of my textbook for History of Art.

I actually just wanted to take a photo of the scooter, ha.
Wherever you go, I will follow, because otherwise I will most def get lost and will end up selling souvlaki somewhere.

There are just so many things that I am just glad I didn’t lose my mind yet. Everything is new and fresh and the fear of missing out is trying to get the best of me, but I keep on fighting. I came to peace with the fact that I won’t see everything, because, well, it’s not possible. Focusing on taking few good shots here and there and mostly just enjoy the island life and what it has to offer.

So there you have it, a small piece of journey, because bombing other people with too many photos and information is not a thing. Or so they say.

Next up: forgotten streets of Nicosia or did the tourists got stuck at the souvenir shop?

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!