Winter melancholy echoes better in hollow places

One could say I started this year on a wrong foot, or maybe it’s better to say on wrong both feet and hands. The greyness of Prague sprinkled with typical czech grumpiness doesn’t really help either. Yet another year where I didn’t manage to runaway from this snowless place at least for a short while, so I got stuck with the other option, which is embracing the greyness and the emotional cocktail that comes with it. The one with a tiny yellow paper umbrella on top, just to spice up the colour scheme.

Pile of books next to the pile of blankets next to the pile of comfort food is as good recipe as any, but it’s very much on the safe side. Sometimes you just need to dive deeper into the sadness to battle it from within, and what better way to do it to pack your backpack, grab your camera and a friend and actually step into the unknown. And what better than an unknown place with a promise of abandoned buildings, where the cold wind of history blows though the fields and broken windows.

First stop Milovice airport and a display of random missiles, because those are always fun, right?
Mini hike up the hangar in search for better views.
Graffiti heaven.

Get in the car, we’re going places! Just a pinky away on the map, which is like 40 min with a car from Prague, lies a small town called Milovice, more known for the Let it roll festival, but the rest 363 it’s known for literally nothing else.

Lonely trees swaying in the rhythm of the winter symphony, while the clouds are fighting over who is the darker shade of sadness above them. Climbing the top of the hangars was followed by a stroll down the runway and if you’re like me and enjoy walking in the middle of the road in the middle of the night you know you would definitely enjoy this one as well. Two small figures walking towards the endless horizon of what seems to be nothing. Thank god we’ve known each other long enough to not have the case of awkward silence on our hands.

The biggest complex we found.
Well, everything was falling apart to say the least.
Exit this way.

The airport was used by Czechoslovak army and later Soviet army, which explains cyrillic writings on the walls. It’s mostly “DO NOT SMOKE” over and over and over again. Everything’s chipped, broken and falling apart – properly matching my mood at the time.

There’s something special about walking through all of these spaces filled with history. It really helps if you have vivid imagination, it doesn’t help with the anxiety and overthinking, but definitely helps with the storytelling in situations like this.

A twist on motivational sayings.
The carwash.

Without even really knowing where we are going we just followed our feet, trying to spy-with-ones-little-eye anything abandoned. We found few houses, saw three fluffy butts of running away deer and a what used to be a carwash. It seems like it has been turned into somebody’s weekend house or permenant house. And that somebody really likes rum.

Obligatory “DO NOT SMOKE” sign, followed by “KEEP IT CLEAN” and to make it a super trio, another one saying “ALWAYS WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHES”.
Self portrait in the mirror in a carwash, that one was a first.

After walking what seems to be forever we decided to go back to the car and try our luck closer to the actual town of Milovice and maybe even grab some lunch on the way.

Also, I’ve realised I have way too many photos and will have to break it into two separate posts and what better way to start the next post than with food? Nothing like a delicious czech cuisine with excellent service and five stars for hospitality!

Ha, sarcasm, so much sarcasm.

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!

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