Try running away from problems when you’re out of shape and you’ll end up here…

When you’ve been overworking yourself for quite some time and you finally get few days off. Not enough time to grab your runaway bag and fly to the most deserted and forgotten island far away from living souls. Or like 5 souls in total. And those souls run a nice restaurant, bar and hotel under the stars kind of thing. But yet again, I had to be realistic, so we started naming all the czech cities for a short trip, but that really didn’t hit the “let’s runaway!” spot. At one point Bratislava popped out as an idea and “yeah, sure, why not” mood really helped to make the final decision.

Backpacks packed, camera charged, tickets bought, excitement on!

Happy penguin pose. Because I do friggin’ love penguins and because it was ridiculously cold.

There really is something attractive about leaving, it doesn’t really matter where in my case, just leaving, going somewhere, anywhere. Even to places you’ve already seen as there’s always something new lurking from around the corner and the chances of random awesome encounters is always really high anywhere. I don’t know, maybe I should go for a check up to the doctor so he can diagnose this, but I’m pretty sure it’s just called being in love with the world. Ha ha ha, this was super cheese, I should really be careful as many people (myself included!) are lactose intolerant.

Getting off at the train station we decided to just follow our noses and end up where we end up. Oh, the charm of not planning ahead! From not so pretty train station we ended up walking up the street with beautiful buildings in different styles with less and less people until we reached Slavín on top of the hill. Heavy exercising is really not my forte, but the view was definitely worth it.  Slavín is a memorial and cemetery to thousands of Russian soldiers that fell while liberating the city in WWII. The architecture is very monumental and simple, very Stalinist style.

Pylon with a statue of a soldier on top.
Ladies holding a banner of appreciation.

All the greyness in the sky also added up to the greyness of the “cold architecture”.  To be honest I’m not a huge fan of traveling in winter time. Unless it’s somewhere way warmer or way colder. In my head it just doesn’t make sense to go somewhere where it’s as cold as back home. Enough about me though, let’s talk more about the view. There we go.

Rare view of people in Bratislava as it was pretty much deserted. And the castle. And the UFO.
The upside-down pyramid or the Slovak radio building.
Spying on Bratislava castle through the trees.

Great view of the castle, right? Yeah, we thought so as well so we headed that way. As I’ve mentioned there was not many people on the streets and bunch of places were closed. We were pretty sure it was the national holiday or something, but maybe it was because we’re so used of constant flow of tourists in Prague. Anyhow, I’ll have to admit it was kinda nice strolling around empty and quiet streets, far away from busy everyday life back in Czech Republic. And yes, I refuse to use the term “Czechia” as it’s one of the worst ideas ever.

Fog and clouds created an illusion of the city by the sea.
If I pass a store and I leave out a giggle of appreciation I have to take a photo of it.
Bratislava castle.
One of the 4 gates of the castle and only a moment away from the view of Danube river on the right.
Ha, proof it really is Slovakia.
A sort of symmetrical photo of the castle.
Of course, a guy on a horse cannot be missed. Hint hint: it’s Svätopluk. Great guy. I’d recommend.
Everybody, this is the castle. Castle, this is everybody.
One of the beautiful parks around the castle. I’d bet these are even prettier in the summertime. Hence the sadness.
Little naked babies as a must in the parks.

I wish it wasn’t so cold so I’d be able to take more photos without losing my fingers to frostbite and freezing to death in general. After hitting these two historical points it was time to hit a coffeeshop and take care of the loud bellies. Next stop: literally anywhere that’s open and has food.

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!





  1. The window at the bottom of the almost symmetrical picture on the left is the culprit, I might need to go to Bratislava in summertime when there is no sadness in the parks…good day


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