Mountains called, they wanted for us to get lost in them.

The charm of chillin’ at the beach in one moment and hiking up the mountains in the next one – Cyprus definitely has that. Of course Slovenia has that too, but when you live here you get used to things like that and of course everywhere else is more exciting! We grabbed some more coffee (it’s a must!) and off we went into the wilderness of the Troodos mountains. This mountain range is located basically in the middle of the island. Picturesque peaks with small, almost abandoned villages and monasteries that have been there since the Byzantine period. If you wanna build something pretty you better not do it by the coastline, exposed to all the threats from the sea, right?

Green slopes.
Desert mountains as I like to call them.
All sorts of greenery.
Also roses everywhere.
“You came to the wrong neighbourhood, brah.”
“You spin me right round, baby, right round.” Yes, it’s gonna get stuck in your head.

Chillin’ killin’ like a villain.
It took some times to get used to all the cacti.

After some sun soaking and taking gangster portraits we decided to explore around for a bit and a proper Disney moment happened. I love when that happens! I mean the good kind ones, not dad’s dying in the stampedo kind of thing (dammit, Lion king, you’ve scarred me for life). Just like Anastasia got a little dog called Pushkin to show her the way we ended up with a little dog that came out of nowhere as well. Should’ve called him Tolstoy. Why do I come across good ideas this late?

Adventure time!
Picking almonds, because why not.
The blue sky keept on fascinating me.
Up up up!
Roads that take you places.
Our little happy buddy Tolstoy. Yes, it’s been decided. Even though Tolstoy doesn’t seem like the happiest guy in the history of russian literature…
Perfect hiding spot for transformers.


Gotta love random adventure dogs.


Oh, the view! ❤
At what seems like to be the edge of the world.


Definitely not posing for the indie cover album.

Even though these are not the mountains in the sense we all think of – rocks, snow and eagles flying around eating Prometheus’s liver – it was great getting away from the city to the middle of nowhere – literally. Almost felt like I was walking around places from Haruki Murakami’s books. For those who are familiar with his work it should be crystal clear, ha. We didn’t finish our trip just yet though, we continued to a place which felt even more Murakami like. Hike through the mountains to be continued! Without Tolstoy though, just a heads up. I might steal a beer glass from time to time, but I’m not dog thief.

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!

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