Salt up your life!

So I’m not really a spending-my-summer-on-the-beach kind of girl, but I gotta say I’m really getting more and more fond of the seaside… if I ignore all the giant squids and other monstrosities hidden in the depths of  the water. So whenever I see something resembling a huge puddle of blue anything I instantly yell “YAY, SEA!”.

So I did and J. gently corrected me (we are not using the term “killed my vibe”) by saying: “Yana,… It’s a lake.” The excitement was still there though. So on the way to check them beaches we stopped at the Salt lake Larnaca, which is actually a big complex made of 4 lakes with fancy names: Aliki, Orphani, Soros and Spiro. I say fancy because I’m a language nerd and everything foreign fascinates me.

That moment when the lake and the sky are wearing matching outfits.
This is just one in the series of photographs from my collection “Following J. & G.’s backs around Cyprus”
Salt, salt everywhere!


Besides having few humans here and there the lake becomes a home for special pink fellows in the winter. So flamingos set their eyes and long legs on these lakes to hang out, breed, chitchat about this and that, probably to judge all the weirdos with binoculars staring at them from the shore. And after winter ends they pack their shrimps and leave, because they know the lake disappears during the summertime so the only thing left is just salt for miles.




“On Fridays we wear black.”
“Take the path less travelled”, well, not in this case.
Great rest from all the familiar flora.
Chariot awaits.


So this is it. A short stop to see these beauties and eat weird plant that growns on the beach, because G. said it’s a thing. And because he ate it and didn’t seem like he’s gonna die any time soon, so I had to try it as well. Not that bad to be honest. Eat random plants achievement – UNLOCKED!

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!

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