Cyprus, I’ll C you soon!

I am quite a fan of random decisions, one of them was randomly booking a flight to Cyprus few months ago. Well, not too random though. Having friends all around the world might suck sometimes, because you don’t get to spend the time together and you miss them just like all the time, but there’s also that extra pinch of happiness when you actually meet up at some point somewhere in the world. And so as it happens I have an awesome friend on this little island that I’ve been dying to see for a while now, the friend and the island, ha. Also running away from the cold and rain to a proper definition of island life was not to be missed!

1 overthinking about if the backpack will fit in the carry on
1 long van ride to Milan Malpensa
1 nobody-gives-a-damn-about-your-backpack
1 awkward seat in the middle
2 strange people on both sides
7 short naps and 14 snores
later I finally arrived to Larnaca, ha! J. and his friend G. waited for me at the airport and as soon as I saw those faces I forgot how tired I actually was. Too tired to take photos so you’ll have to believe my words now. As I arrived pretty late I was not expecting much, but I gotta say that souvlaki, beer and few hahas in the streets of Nicosia were really just a perfect start of a great adventure. Not much of a meat eater myself, but damn I could not miss on proper souvlaki while being here.

That special charm of the night.

So next day I put my exploring pants on and unfortunately I realized they were way too long for the summer weather around here. With the best local guide around here we “got lost” in the capital, Nicosia. But… first order of business – coffee! Coffee is a really big thing around here, and as it’s pretty much extra hot all year round cold coffee is a huge hit. First thing I saw was this huge tree casting a perfect shadow on the tables underneath it. I can say it’s def one of the cutest places here, the place that actually means “Chill” so guess what do you do here? Yes, pretty much just chill. Ordered cold cappucino while I could’ve played with my coffee a bit and add some extra caramel or whatever flavour, but I do take my coffee seriously, ha.

Coffee oasis.
People do run on coffee around here.
I was happy just because the sun was out. Screw you rain in Ljubljana!
So the actual name of this place is “Chill”. Pretty chill indeed.
Happy kiddo, but also very chill kiddo. Never mind state of mind.

Now let me just grab another frappe and continue the journey through my few days. Starting in the capital, Nicosia. Join in, drop by, read a line!

Cheers to the mess we’ve made!